IChemE membership

Chartered Chemical Engineers are Chartered Members of IChemE with the title MIChemE. Membership of IChemE is open to everyone involved in the profession - join over 44,000 peers worldwide to share best practice, find out about new discoveries and change the world.

How do I join and what level of membership is right for me?

Your first step to getting Chartered is to join IChemE (or reinstate your membership) so we can offer you guidance as you work towards your application. Once you have joined you will also enjoy full access to support materials on this site. 

Join now as:

  • Associate Member – if you have a chemical engineering degree, with honours, at bachelor’s level or above, or
  • Affiliate Member*


Contact us to reinstate lapsed membership.

How much does it cost?

Follow the questions in the online application process to find out your estimated application and subscription fees (in some countries, eg the UK, Australia and New Zealand, tax relief can be claimed on IChemE membership subscription and Engineering Council fees).

Further information

Find out about the resources available to IChemE members

Read about IChemE and our objectives

* If and when you have attained the level of chemical engineering knowledge equivalent to a bachelors level in degree, you may apply for Associate Member, by submitting an extended CV for assessment. nb You can apply and be elected directly to Chartered Member without needing to become an Associate Member first.

 IChemE is a registered charity in England & Wales (214379) and a charity registered in Scotland (SC039661).