Technical report focused on design

Process to get Chartered, submitting technical report focused on design

The level of knowledge and understanding for Chartered Member MIChemE includes an ability to integrate the broad aspects of chemical engineering along with non-technical skills in addressing an open-ended problem. In our experience, one of the best ways to demonstrate this is to show how you have approached a substantial engineering project, such as:

  • design of a process, product or system to meet a particular specification
  • research of a particular aspect of physical, chemical, biological or engineering science involving chemical engineering design techniques
There are different ways in which you can gain and/or demonstrate the design skills in support of an application for Chartered Member, including:
  • participation in a university design project
  • a Masters level programme (MSc) that includes an appropriate design project
  • experience of design project activities in the work place

If requested to provide a technical report focused on this aspect, this must come from your experience post graduation.

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