Process to get Chartered - assessment

Assessment of every application for Chartered Member MIChemE is done by experienced volunteer Chartered Members and Fellows, in a peer review process, involving at least five individuals:

  1. Report review(s)
  2. References
  3. Interview(s)

Except for individuals submitting a technical report focused on further learning, assessment against each of the required levels of knowledge and understanding and professional experience will take place in parallel.

If you are submitting a technical report focused on further learning, you must submit your report as soon as you are ready and in your early career. Go to the relevant section to find out more.

Report review

Your competence and commitment report, and technical report where relevant, will be reviewed against the standard for Chartered Member. Should the assessor(s) not feel able to make a judgement based on the information provided, feedback will be sent on which may enable you to amplify and/or amend and resubmit. On some occasions the feedback may guide an individual to first gain further experience or consider using a different project. Once the report or reports has/have been reviewed, you will be notified and your referees will be contacted.

Further information

Go to the page on references

Go to the page on interviews