Professional experience


As well as a high standard of theoretical knowledge and understanding of their subject, Chartered Chemical Engineers must also have enough professional experience to prove their competence and commitment. 

The minimum level of professional experience required for a Chartered Member involves depth and breadth of experience applying knowledge to practical situations, responsibility for technical judgment, and a commitment both to best practice and to the continual development of relevant knowledge and skills.

diagram of the aspects to get across in the Competence and Commitment report

You may gain your professional experience in industry, an academic career, or through a combination of the practical aspects of postgraduate research and some industrial experience. It can include formal training and work-based learning and have been gained in any sector or location globally.

How do I meet this level?

Process to get Chartered - level of professional experience

As part of your application for Chartered Member MIChemE, please provide evidence that you have gained adequate professional experience by completing a Competence and Commitment (C&C) report.

Further information 

Find out more about the competencies and levels of commitment required of a Chartered Chemical Engineer, and get advice, tips and examples on how to write your report by clicking through the links in the left hand menu.



Minor revisions to the Competence and Commitment (C&C) report templates for applications to become Chartered, Incorporated or EngTech members of IChemE have now been made (in line with UK-SPEC 3rd Edition) 

Applications received from 1 September 2015 onwards must be completed on the new Competence and Commitment report templates.